Design is always Political

Last week, the Path team ventured out the Design Museum in Kensington to view ‘Hope to Nope: Graphics and Politics 2008-2018.’ A time period encompassing major political moments from Obama and Optimism to Boris and Brexit that also coincides major technological advancements. A time when dreams have become memes…

The exhibition highlights the influence and change social media has brought to the political landscape, and how the increase of public engagement through technology has played a vital part in the reactive behaviour towards key political moments of our times. Now that everyone has the power to share political views from the comfort of their own home, the public’s voice is being heard louder than ever.

This is a must see for Designers as it shows what a huge impact graphic design can have.


Justice4Grenfell – Campaigners have taken inspiration from the Oscar winning drama, ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.’ Due to the lack of progress in the investigation into the Grenfell Tower Fire, the billboards read in succession, “71 dead,” “And still no arrests,” “How Come?” The boards use boldgraphics to provoke its outrage and demand justice for the Grenfell victims without complication.

People who voted for Brexit who are now DeadA tea towel showing the frustration of Britain’s youth that the future of the country has been swayed by the baby boomers,those who ultimately will not be around to see the outcome of the decision. Was Brexit the right decision? These people will never know…

“Build the Wall!”Not the infamous, yet still unrealised, wall between the United States and Mexico, but rather an array of magazines featuring Trump. Their covers poke fun at the current US President through a range of graphic styles and highlight key moments during his presidency, from the withdrawal of America’s part in the Paris climate deal to his aggressive tone of voice towards ‘little rocket man.’

Pantone Merkel Postcard – Dutch Graphic Designer Noortje van Eekelen created a ‘visual database’ of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, arranging her suit clothing colours in a specific order presenting a spectrum of tones, similar to that of the Pantone colour system used daily by designers.

Global Warning – In 2008, we experienced the biggest economic crisis since the Wall Street crash in the 1930s. Sadly, during the struggle, an estimated 10,000 people took their own lives as a result. This poster provides a stark reminder (pointedly to bankers) of the consequences caused by the mismanagement of money.

The Demise of David – Having initiated the EU referendum, David Cameron was to fall on his own sword after his gamble failed to pay off. Mimicking the Bayeux Tapestry of 1066, the story is hilariously retold.


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