Exclusively available to our clients, brand managers, marketers and entrepreneurs, Map challenges existing perceptions with content that is radical, robust and relevant. This valuable future forecasting tool seeks not only to be inspirational, but also to deliver actionable insights to help grow brands and drive innovation.

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In this special edition of Map, we share highlights from the 2017 London Design Festival, to help you keep your fingers on the pulse of the latest trends that are shaping style, culture, and the human experience.

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Discover the drivers pushing consumers’ cravings for more simplicity and how they will affect your brand. The Power of Less provides clear direction on how you can better engage with them, by transforming into a facilitator of mindfulness and an ally for better focus.

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Uncover the challenges faced by the drinks category and the measures necessary to fight back.  Distilled Discoveries will introduce you to the future of the craft movement, the need for healthier options, and the captivating world of the new drinking occasion.

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Get the edge you need to communicate and captivate the most sought-after consumer generation. Surprising and unpredictable, the Nomadic Millennial will demand that your brand fits with their lifestyle.

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