03.10.14 - That’s interesting

Category: That's Interesting

PicNYC Table

Summer is over and the dark nights are drawing in, but don’t be sad… just invest in one of these super cool PicNYC tables. The picNYC table brings the rural experience of picnicking not just to the city, but into the apartment, creating a surreal experience of nature in the city that literally transforms dining.

Cassette Tape Art

Erika Simmons uses film from recycled cassette tapes and old film reels to create portraits of icons. What’s interesting is where this art sits in a gray space between worthless and priceless. It’s easy to get boxes of tapes donated today – but what will they be worth in 50, 100 years from now? These pieces form beautiful slices of history.


Talented Tel Aviv-born designer Noa Raviv has been beautifully exploring vectorism in fashion, inspired by 3D printing, classical sculpture and its evolution. Raviv worked with stiff, shape-retaining fabrics combined with 3D printed elements to create these complex and voluminous silhouettes. Just beautiful!


Netropolitan is the new and exclusive social media site for the filthy rich – the site costs $9,000 to join as well as an additional $3,000 renewal fee every year. ‘Outsiders’ can see nothing but the log in screen, whilst members can do all the things they can do on Facebook, just without the hassle of less affluent people cramming up their feed. Yes, seriously!