16.10.14 - That’s interesting

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Believe it or not…

…These are actually hyper realistic drawings… on wood. Check out more of Ivan Hoo’s amazing work

The Chocolate Show

Attention all chocoholics and gorgeous packaging lovers alike: The Chocolate Show is taking place at Olympia this weekend! Buy and taste the world’s most luxurious chocolates, get tutorials from the world’s top pastry chefs, see exclusive chocolaty work from the Charlie & the Chocolate Factory set and catch the fashion show featuring couture outfits designed by chocolatiers and designers made entirely out of chocolate!

The World’s 1st Packageless Supermarket

Have you heard about the world’s first packaging free and waste free supermarket? Original Unverpackt (based in Berlin) operates a zero waste philosophy, and has a vision to make disposable packaging a thing of the past. What do we think of this radical concept that’s fuelled by the consumer desire to see less waste in both packaging and food goods?

Stress Bracelet

We’re busier than ever and becoming obsessed with data, quantifying whatever we can as a way to improving our quality of life. But feat not – a US start up project has built a tool that they believe will change the way the world sees and manages stress. Introducing Olive, the stress bracelet – despite being outwardly fashionable, Olive is immensely personal, jam-packaged with technology to enable detection of the bodies changes when undergoing stress. Intrigued? Watch the video to find out more.