03.11.14 - That’s interesting

The Great Path Halloween Bake Off

Path Towers was full of cake last Friday and Tamsin was crowned the Queen of the Great Path Halloween Bake Off! Here are our runners up. Well done to all involved, they were delicious! 

Sugar Puffs Drops the Sugar

The Honey Monster has dropped the ‘sugar’ from Sugar Puffs after almost 60 years! This signals a real change in how we view sugar in today’s health conscious society. In an attempt to distance the brand from sugar, Halo Foods have rebranded the product as ‘Honey Monster Puffs’, which they believe will reverse the Honey Monster’s recent slump in sales. Are you convinced? 

One for the Space Geeks

If you’d like to tour the globe from the International Space Station then look no further than this cool site! The Space Station completes an orbit of the Earth in 93 minutes, at an altitude of 400 km and an average speed on 28,000km/h. Enjoy!

Painting with Fire

Amazing work, amazing video! Patrick Peris paints with fire using a technique he’s perfected himself called fumage. Fumage involves using the flame of a candle or a torch as the pencil to create paintings with trails of soot. Using various tools, he intuitively sculpts the plumes of soot to in response to the shapes that appear on the canvas, leaving his work completely down to spontaneity and chance.


New online service, Badger Hunt, allows consumers to sell advertising space on their shirts, baseball caps and cars in exchange for Cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Participating advertisers request a type of person and their location, and registered users (Badgers) bid for the job. Apart from providing consumers with an additional source of income and providing value to companies – Badger Hunt is an interesting example of how intangible social clout can be turned in to something chargeable.