14.11.14 - That’s interesting

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Botlr – Your Robot Butler

Silicon Valley start-up, Savioke, have created Botlr, the world’s first robotic butler, which has begun making deliveries to guests’ rooms in Californian hotels. To ease guests’ apprehensions about robots, Botlr was designed to be as usable, delightful and friendly as possible – and he even ride the lift!

The Melting House

Have you seen the melting wax house on Southwark Street yet? The Merge Festival installation, by Alex Chinneck, has been slowly melting over the past five weeks in celebration of the old candle-making factory based. With surrealism and spectacle, the experience delivers an illusion of architectural scale that aims to be visually engaging each day it transforms. Find it at 40 Southwark Street.

The Internet, Everywhere!

No that’s not a hot air balloon – it’s one of the balloons forming Project Loon, Google’s mission to connect the entire world to the Internet, and to bring people back online quickly after natural disasters. You may think of the Internet as a global community, but two-thirds of the world’s population are currently still without Internet access. 

The Future of Jewellery

Technology has begun to develop from something we wear to something that is projected onto us. Neclumi is the first projection-based interactive necklace. Its creators believe that as wearable tech has been treated more as jewellery and fashion accessories than technological gadgets, that wearable projection and projection-based jewellery will soon become a reality.