02.12.14 - That’s interesting

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Advents go Augmented

So, Christmas 2014 is here and so is the world’s first augmented reality Christmas advent calendar from Milka, inspired by the universal insight that children always ask, “How many sleeps until Christmas?”. The delightful design takes children on a journey on their phone or tablet from the 1st Dec to the big day. Kids these days!

Everybody Loves Werther’s

We all love Werther’s Originals. They remind you of your Grandad, right? And therein lies the problem. Werther’s was about to get lost in that generation – so the brand is looking to ignite nostalgia and relationships, this time between Father and Son. Move over Grandad! See the campaign here, it’ll make you feel all fuzzy inside. - See more at: http://www.wearepath.com/02-12-14-thats-interesting/#sthash.3Imh2Da0.dpuf


Texan artist Mark Lovejoy produces some beautiful but head scratching work. What at first looks like a complex digital render could just be photographs of thickly painted palettes. In fact, Mark’s images are a hybrid of both. Take a look at his bright and beautiful pieces here. 


Emojis, (those cute little smiles faces on your phone), are Gen D’s favourite way to communicate. Emojiary has taken them and created a cool new app, which allows you to learn the rhythms of your emotional ups and downs.

Days of My Youth

We’re getting excited for the Annual Path Ski Trip! It really is love it or hate it when it comes to throwing yourself down the side of a mountain at breakneck speed. If you love it like us, check out Red Bull’s awesome new film, ‘Days of M­y Youth’