15.12.14 - That’s interesting

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Sony Develops Interesting Tech

Sony has developed a watch that uses electronic paper to create an ever-changing series of face and strap designs – how long will it be until we see this interesting technology on packaging in the future? 

2014’s Top 10 Ads

Check out the 10 most watched ads of the year



The New Minimalists

This holiday season, would you be willing to give up things instead of getting new ones? A “New Minimalist” movement is taking place, which challenges people to count everything they own and see if they can scale back in order to live a more meaningful life. Ultimately, the new minimalists appreciate what they have more. Read more about the movement here. 

The Doodle Bar

The Doodle Bar is a cool space right near us in Battersea where you have the freedom to enjoy a good scribble, creating your very own artwork on the venue, play ping pong and enjoy street food as well as an outside ‘beach’ area. The bar is set against the backdrop of TESTBED1 – a dramatic and versatile arts and events space for creative innovation, ideas and experimentation. Check it out.

Butler’s Pantry

Butler’s Pantry is all set for the holidays! We love this new piece of packaging which uses a simple faded dot pattern to bring focus to the powerful statements popping off the surface, ‘DELICIOUS AND HOMEMADE’ – What more could you ask for? Yes please!