19.12.14 - That’s interesting

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The sharing economy is exploding! Rentez-Vous is an online service that allows fashionistas to list and rent fashion items in London and Paris with ease and convenience. The network allows fashion hungry users that quickly get bored of expensive pieces to avoid having high worth pieces hanging in their wardrobe for evermore, to keep their wardrobes fresh, save money and avoid wasting resources. The solution we’ve all been waiting for! For more info, check out the next version of Mapº (20) 


Sphymx is a compact 3-in 1 razor that makes ‘emergency shaving’ situations a thing of the past. Packed with a refillable water container, an all-natural organic soap that can be absorbed like a lotion with no need to wash off and two razors – Syphmx is the ultimate compact shaving solution. Hallelujah!

YSL & Google Glass does Experiential Beauty

YSL has launched a Google Glass make up tutorial services at its beauty counter in Selfridges. The make up artist records a tutorial using the glasses, which is emailed to the customer along with the products used. Women love to watch make-up tutorials on YouTube, or they go in store and have their make-up done at the counter, but afterwards they struggle to recreate the look – Google Glass solves both of these problems. Great work! 

Thomson Redesigns the Holiday Experience

The experiential luxury sector is showing no signs of slowing down. Thomson Airways’ new long-haul aircraft will feature new seating arrangements for families and couples, in an attempt to integrate the flight experience into its overall offer. 

Bright Old Things by Selfridges

The Baby Boomers are thriving and these wealthy consumers are descending on the capitals hippest cities to rediscover the vibrancy and energy of their youth. Selfridges is to unveil a project celebrating born again creatives – a celebration of the Baby Boomers who have changed careers to focus on creative pursuits. To find out more, visit the Selfridges website.