30.01.15 - That’s interesting

Category: That's Interesting

BU – Digital Personal Hydration System

When a survey revealed that 70% of the public don’t drink enough water everyday, the need for the BU innovation was clear. BU is a digital personal hydration system. It’s sleek and minimal yet highly innovative glass is connected to a personalised mobile app that helps you to stay hydrated throughout the day, reminds you to drink if you forget, and allows you to monitor how your doing daily as well as track your longer-term progress. Another step towards our hyper connected lives – perfect skin here we come!

Frozen in a Bubble

This is what happens when you blow bubbles in freezing temperatures… These bubbles picked up their very own unique and spectacular pattern when blown over everyday frozen outdoor surfaces. Cool eh?!

Iced Arrangements

That’s one way to preserve your Val’s day flowers! Botanical artist Azuma Makoto has turned an old factory in NW Tokyo into an art gallery installation full of frozen flower blocks. It turns out, flowers have unique expressions we don’t get to see in everyday life when they’re frozen, and they show poignant beauty when the ice melts and the flowers are tossed back into the merciless cycle of time.

Telstra Iconic

Telstra, much like Selfridges, wanted to make themselves instantly recognisable on the high street by creating an iconic carrier bag. Unique, highly sculptural and distinctly Telstra – the brand is now instantly acknowledged everywhere. It’s 100% recyclable and flat-packable too! Could your brand benefit from iconic packaging? If so, get in touch.

Onomatopoeic Japanese Chocs!

‘Chocolatexture’ are a series of chocs that represent Japanese onomatopoeic words to describe texture. Designed by Tokyo and Milan-based design studio Nendo – the ポキポキ (poki poki) choc (1 of the 9 in the set), for example, represents a delicate frame. Read all the representations here.