12.02.15 - That’s interesting

Category: That's Interesting

Long Lost Printing Blocks

We love that old traditions still guide modern graphic process, so we’re delighted to hear that printing blocks from an old typeface, Doves Type, have been retrieved from the Thames this week. The font has not been used for almost a century as they were thrown into the river in 1917.


Selfie State of Mind

#LetMeTakeASelfie has reached a whole new level! Soon, psychiatrists will no longer need to see their patients; all they’ll need is a selfie! A new computer programme is very close to being able to determine a person’s state of mind, just by examining a current photo.

The Future of Travel

The latest update to Google Translate allows users to automatically translate real-time voice, text and signs just by simply holding up their phone. To learn more about how Millennials are driving evolution in the travel industry, see Mapº 21 Millennial Lives: The Travelling Tribe. Coming soon!


Fed up of having to stand up all the way home on a packed train? Hong Kong-based designer, Mike Mak, took an item we’re familiar with carrying around – a diary-like hardback – and turned it into a foldout table or stool! Funded by Kickstarter, this concept holds up to 375lbs in weight thanks to a rigid honeycomb structure. No more weary legs, and a beautiful keepsake too! 

Butter Avenue

Butter Avenue is a Toronto-based boutique patisserie and café specialising in French macaroons, delicate cakes, tarts and espresso served in beautiful packaging which echoes the delicate balance of the science and art in the baking through a mixture of hard and soft lines.