27.02.15 - That’s interesting

Emily Fruit Crisps

New brand ‘Emily Fruit Crisps’ provides all the goodness of fruit with the crunch of a crisp! Intrigued? We love the packaging too! Get yours in Selfridges or online.

Painting Psychedelic Patterns

Who knew the free flowing spilling of paint could create such a beautiful piece of art? Don’t miss this.


Artist, Sarah Meyohas, has created an alternative digital currency, BitchCoin, which can be traded solely for her work. The cryptocurrency allows art collectors to invest directly in Meyohas as an artist rather than the artwork itself, whilst giving Sarah a stake in the supply, demand and price of her own work.


Amidst the Healthy Living macro trend and protein hovering health halo, JustGymFood.com is delivering pre-prepped protein packed meals to health conscious city dwellers without the time to plan, shop, cook and clean. Interested? 


What if you could text a number and get anything you want? Now you can, and we mean anything (anything legal*), 24 hours round the clock, just by texting the ‘Magic’ number. What are you waiting for? Click here.