13.03.15 - That’s interesting

Project Ara

The smartphone is one of the most empowering and intimate objects we’ve ever known – yet we can’t get inside it, we have no say in how it’s made, what it does, and how it looks. What if we could make thoughtful choices about exactly what our phone could do, and use it as a creative canvas to tell our own story? Welcome to Project Ara. Don’t miss this video

3D Printed Future

In the second half of this decade, expect the unexpected, because the unprecedented will happen. If this Chinese engineering company can 3D print and assemble a house out of recycled construction waste alone – what will be 3D printed next?


Do you know what the future of health looks like? You do now.


Sensory Spoons

Hyper-sensorial dining has gone one step further… these sensory spoons are designed by Jinhyun Jeon, and inspired by the phenomenon of synesthesia – they promise to make your dining experience richer. Tell us what you think…