19.03.15 - That’s interesting

Mischer’Taxler’s Champagne Flute

After discovering that bubbling initiates from irregularities in a champagne glass, design duo Mischer’Traxler collaborated with Perrier-Jouët to produce a gift-set flute glass, designed to trigger bubbles bursting from a specific, moth-shape feature. Romantic, hey.

Muji Air Purifier

Japanese lifestyle brand, Muji, have just released a jettisoning Air Purifier, a creation by the Muji-acclaimed designer, Kazushige Miyake. We think the perforated, all-white surfaces beautifully embody the brand’s contemporary, urban vibe.

Airline Upcycling

In a bid to reduce weight, and thus fuel, Southwest Airlines have removed 80,000 leather seat coverings from their aircrafts. Rather than going to landfill, the airline partnered with Oregon-based upcycling company, Looptworks, to turn the leather into tote bags, backpacks and even footballs that the airline will give away as promotional gifts! 

The End of Sitting

How would you feel if every meeting you had from this day forward was a stand-up one? This could be the future of workspaces, as medical evidence has shown that too much sitting has adverse health effects. This art installation, aptly called ‘The End of Sitting’, is made up of large 3D objects, creating an experimental workspace in which sitting is barely an option.