09.04.15 - That’s interesting

Paper Reinvented

We’re delighted that Tesla-Amazing’s statically charged post-its are en-route to becoming reality. Funded by crowd-source website, Kickstarter, this ‘Magnetic‘ reinvented paper is re-usable and can stick to any dry surface – even the ceiling!

Terminator Technique

Thought 3D-printing was science fiction? Think again! Inspired by Terminator 2, this new method solidifies forms directly from a bath of liquid resin.

Foolish Innovation

April fool or not, real-life sci-fi was also the hot on Playstation’s agenda this week. Check out their latest innovation here!

We Fry Anything

With Easter weekend on the horizon, we couldn’t resist some indulgent inspiration! Pop-up store ‘We Fry Anything’ invite you to bring your own #fryhard goodies – anything from Crème Eggs to cheese strings – ready for a culinary deep-fry treatment! This unique eating experience is based at Boxpark, Shoreditch and opens Tues 2nd April at 11am. 

L’Or de Vie

Talking of indulgence, check out Dior’s limited edition three-month skin cell treatment, retailing upwards of €1500.00. Key ingredient, Yquem, is extracted from pressed grapes and, according to Dior, is a  “true botanical enigma… exceptional antioxidant with unequaled power”.