16.04.15 - That’s interesting

Milan Design Week

We’re all super excited to be flying to the Milan Design Festival today to explore the cutting edge in art, fashion and design. All we see and enjoy will be covered in this month’s edition of Mapº to stay tuned. Don’t miss out, sign up here to receive your free edition.

Rooftop Film Club

Everyone loves a bit of Rooftop Film Club! We do, anyway! The hot weather is upon us (yay!), which means the films have been listed.

Movisi – BUILD

Movisi is back with another set of awesome modular storage, which is ultra-customisable, 95% air and made from 100% recyclable materials. Installed in just a few minutes with no tools, the very striking BUILD has unlimited design possibilities. We want!

The FINE range

FINE is a range of elegant electronics that draw inspiration from Parisian minaudieres from the early 20th century – including rechargeable Bluetooth speaker, power bank, cardholder and key ring USB. Cleverly made from anodised aluminium, the tubular speaker is designed like an oversized lipstick, while the power bank is inspired by a cigarette case, showing a sophisticated marriage of practicality and style.