23.04.15 - That’s interesting


This is Quip, the innovation changing the electric toothbrush game. Quip is a brand-new oral care system that has rethought the market and the whole way we go about replacement heads, toothpaste, and floss – through subscription and minimalism. Intrigued?

Up-cycled Sculptures

We already knew that you can make awesome recycled projects out of bottles, but Veronika Richterová has turned it into an art form! Richterová, based in the Czech Republic, uses heat to twist, turn and cut up the bottles and give them natural forms. In addition to making PET art, she hosts a PET-ART museum, where she collects bottles from around the world. Currently, the museum hosts around 3000 pieces from 76 countries.


FATHERS is a brand new quarterly magazine dedicated to all things fatherhood. Covering areas of culture, travel, and lifestyle, the magazine is aimed at the creative and dedicated father of today, featuring beautiful photography series, interviews, reports, and essays. About time!

The Time-Lapse Lift

Visitors to the new World Trade Centre building will soon have the chance to experience an immersive animation in the building’s lifts, which showcases the development of Manhattan over 515 years. It’s a cool ride – take a look. 


The best way to sum up ‘Shuddle’, the very new US start up is ‘Uber for kids’. We think this is a great idea. If you agree and you’d like them in London, let them know by getting in touch here.