28.04.15 - That’s interesting


SmartyPants is the delectably simple GPS for conscious cooking. It’s not just a pan, it’s a smart pan that syncs with your mobile to give you step-by-step cooking instructions, and monitors all things cooking in real time such as quantities, temperature, optimal cooking time and total calories per meal! Intrigued? 

Cadburys Spectacular 7

Cadbury’s new special edition Dairy Milk combines seven different brands from across the range in to one mega-chocolate bar – the Spectacular 7. Is this a possibility in your category, too?

The Phantom Framer

Tom’s really proud because they’ve got their own Banksy in Teddington. What do you think, Artist or Vandal?

MINI Augmented Vision

BMW have been exploring how augmented-reality eyewear could improve the safety and convenience of driving. Their MINI Augmented Vision was unveiled at the Auto Shanghai 2015 motor show this week.