15.05.15 - That’s interesting

Extreme Ice Cream

Food is big on our radar and this week we’re particularly excited about Aqua S, a Sydney-based ice cream parlour who have made fame with their sea-salt-variant. Topped with sweet popcorn, popping candy, candyfloss and a grilled marshmallow, this crazy concoction takes whimsical to a whole new level!

Mushroom Plastic?

Ecovative Design have won numerous awards with their biomaterial innovation; a high-performing plant-based alternative to molded or fabricated polymers.

Hashtag #fdgr

Tel Aviv-based restaurant Catit uses specially designed plates to encourage consumers to take great food photos before sharing on Instagram using the hashtag #fdgr. Their ‘Limbo’ plate features a slot at the front to steady the smartphone while the back curves up to offer a great backdrop. 

Dirt Shirt

Stockholm-based MairWennel sell a shirt patterned with a camouflage of every day stains, from red wine to bike oil. “The disruptive coloration allows for new stains to be incorporated, continuing the design process and evolving the pattern over time”.