29.05.15 - That’s interesting

Dangerous Popsicles

This collection of weird and wonderful popsicles creates surreal and conflicting sensory experiences. Inspired by a mix of cacti and bacteria, these dangerous-looking popsicles raise some though-provoking questions. Find out more about the concept and creation here. 


The pop-up Melksalon brings together local consumes, dairy farmers, designers and scientists to rediscover the value of milk. Interested?

Underwater City

Japanese construction firm Shimizu Corp has proposed a futuristic, underwater spiral structure that will reaches depths of 2.8 miles to house 5,000 people, whilst producing all its own energy. Will this be the answer to rising sea levels?

Disruptive Innovation

BusinessWeek chronicles the 85 most disruptive ideas of the last 85 years. What have you got to add to the list?