08.06.15 - That’s interesting

Bottle With A Mission

In a bid to attract more visitors to their brewery, Heineken have teamed up with JWT Amsterdam to create secretly-embedded GPS navigating bottle caps that vibrate, light up and swivel, leading unsuspecting holders back to the iconic Heineken Experience. 

Brilliant BagTray

Thought fast food wasn’t ‘fast’ enough? McDonalds is about to get even more convenient with the invention of the BagTray, their traditional brown paper serving bags with the addition of a clever tear-strip. Interested? 

Light Phone

While most phones get smarter, the Light Phone purposefully offers less. This simple, calls-only device is ultra-slim and lightweight, focusing on the luxury of less. Is this the perfect alternative for consumers seeking digital detox? 


Meet MIITO, the “super adaptable device” that heats exactly the amount of water (or milk, or soup…) you want, in a vessel of your choice. We love this cool, clean electric kettle alternative, do you?