10.07.15 - That’s interesting


Arcadia Spectacular and their world famous mechanical spider (built in Bristol from 50 tonnes of recycled military hardware) are set to land in Bristol’s central Queen Square on 4th & 5th September. Arcadia fuses innovative music, circus, sculpture, special effects and recycled biofuel pyrotechnics. Tickets are limited, so get in quick. Watch this video and tell us you’re not impressed. 


Ento is an interesting edible insect start up based in London brewing some big plans for 2015. With current questions surrounding the sustainability of meat consumption, how long to do you think it will be until insect consumption becomes the norm in the western world?

Butterfly Keyboard

This heirloom-grade Model 01 keyboard does away with keyboards’ longstanding unfriendliness to the human hands, shifting the design of the typical keyboard. Focusing on the ergonomics of typing, the keyboard’s keys have been spread out evenly to match the fingers comfortably.


Check out this new light bulb innovation that merges light, sound, intercom, alarm, notifications and zones – a very cool product.