16.07.15 - That’s interesting


Thync is a new wearable device that allows users to change their mood and optimise their state of mind using neurosignaling. Due for release this year – Intrigued?


GROWTH, the new design concept by London-based Studio Ayaskan offers a dynamic take on the flower pot – using ‘origami-based geometry’, the pot transforms to fit plants through multiple stages of growth whilst cutting large amounts of waste. Cool huh?!

Dreamland Margate

The Kent coast has reopened its theme park and it’s a retro fantasy. It’s the UKs answer to New York’s hyper-kitsch Coney Island. Step in to a 50s style boardwalk of arcades, bingo halls and and retro rides from now until 27th September.

Full Grown

Full Grown combine ancient techniques with modern technology in order to train the growth of trees, which result in pieces of art and furniture, statements, heirlooms and legacies.