31.07.15 - That’s interesting


Described as ‘the ultimate bicycle helmet’, Lumos incorporates brake lights and turn signals to help cyclists stay safe and visible on the road. Find out more about their product, campaign and purchase options here.


Feeling Emojinal

Feeling Emojinal This article by Protein caught our eye this week – with emoji use becoming so ubiquitous, particularly among the young, its effect on everyday language could become quite profound. What if future generations could only express emotions through emoticons instead of words? Hit the link here to read the full article.

Sprayable Sleep

The ‘world’s first topical melatonin spray’ aims to tackle sleep loss and insomnia with just three natural ingredients. With 2000% funding on crowd-sourcing website, Indiegogo, is Sprayable Sleep the next big thing?

Alcoholic Architecture

In this fully immersive alcohol environment, Bompas & Parr have created a walk-in cloud of breathable cocktail. Powerful humidifiers fill the room with alcoholic air that enters the bloodstream through the lungs (and also the eyeballs!) Interersted?