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London Cloth Company

The London Cloth Company was founded in 2011 by Daniel Harris, when he bought a very old, rusting wool loom in Wales, without even knowing how to use it. After dismantling and reassembling the loom, and teaching himself it worked, he started his business. All wool used is completely British, and one project, in collaboration with Hardy Amies, used wool sourced solely from London based sheep. You can read more about Daniel’s great story here


Urbanimals are the wild, digital animals that have been released on the streets of Bristol. The animals react with passers by and with the environment around them, offering a fun, interactive experience. The animals (that include a rabbit, kangaroo, beetle and dolphin) will be roaming free through October. 


Never again will you lose your keys, phone, wallet… or anything else for that matter. Tile is a Bluetooth tracker that you can attach to your most commonly misplaced items. Tile gives you the ability to call your lost items and if it is within the 100ft Bluetooth range of the Tile, it will make loud noises until you are reunited with your estranged item.

Nest Shelf

At London Design Festival, Nendo showcased their Nest Shelf. This extendable bookshelf doubles in size, as if by magic; the user is able to customise the size of the unit to fit their living space. To read more about the intricate engineering behind the seamless extension of the shelving unit, click here

Vitl – subscription vitamins

Vitl is the multivitamin for busy modern life. The elegantly designed packaging encases a daily dose of supergreens, Krill oil, CoQ10 and a multivitamin. The 28 day supple of vitamins can be delivered to work or home, making them a convenient, aesthetically sophisticated and most importantly, healthy addition to your busy day.