23.10.15 - That's Interesting

Category: That's Interesting

Back To The Future Pepsi

To celebrate October 21st, the date when Marty, Jennifer and Doc arrive in the future, on Wednesday, Pepsi released 6,500 bottles of their iconic ‘Pepsi Perfect’ drink that was featured in the film. Find out more here.

Space Photography

If you like to geek out on all things space, you will love this. NASA has created a flickr account, where they upload incredible photos from the Apollo missions - from the moon landing of 11, to the ill-fated journey of 13. To have a browse through the golden-era of space exploration space, click here.


Romy is introducing the first intelligent, connected beauty device that will enable consumers to create fresh, fully customised cosmetics products at home. By using an app, users can determine their specific skincare needs and also draw data from the Apple Health App. You can find out more about the device here.

Porter & Sail

The Porter & Sail app evolves the city guide concept to become more personal and is based on local knowledge that is constantly updating. Using insider knowledge from local tastemakers in London, Singapore, Miami and LA, the experts add content manually to the app – logging the best places to eat, drink and shop.

Coffee Power

Bio-bean found a way of converting waste coffee grounds into recycled biofuels. In the near future, Bio-bean will be able to produce enough biodiesel to power vehicles; they are taking thousands of tonnes of waste from coffee factories, offices, transport hubs and coffee shops. We knew coffee gave you energy, but we didn’t know it was that strong.