26.11.15 - That's Interesting

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IBM Watson

This week, IBM launched a new app for Watson, it’s cognitive super-computer system. Drawing data from social networks, blogs, forums, comments, ratings and reviews, Watson can forecast the most popular products for this Christmas. Not only can it identify the most popular products, but also justify why they’ll trend. Find out more here.

A hundred years in the making

In order to highlight the heritage and quality of the luxury cognac brand Louis XIII, the brand created a film that explores what the world may look like in 100 years. Staring John Malkovich, ‘100 Years’ won’t be in cinemas until 2115 – for now, the film is kept behind safety sealed bulletproof glass. Those that have tickets are being advised to pass it onto their descendants. You can see a trailer here.

Tank bar

London-based brewer Howling Hops has opened the UK’s first tank bar, which doesn’t use casks, kegs or bottles. Served in a classic beer hall in Hackney Wick, the 10 large tanks behind the bar ensure that the beer is as fresh as possible – the product is feed directly from its fermentation vessels, into the serving tanks.