13.11.15 - That's Interesting

Category: That's Interesting

Voltera V-One

This year, the Dyson award for engineering has gone to a group of students from the University of Waterloo for their printer that creates circuit boards in a matter of minutes. Printed circuit boards are used for biomedical devices and smartphones and are expensive and time consuming to produce; the Boltera V-One revolutionises the process of production.

Lexus cardboard car

At Path, we love all things cardboard, so this certainly got our attention. Lexus (with a little help from Lasercut Works and Scales and Models) have made a drivable cardboard replica of the Lexus IS model sedan. Made with 1700 laser cut pieces, the prototype has functioning doors, headlights and a full interior to match the real model. Watch the behind the scenes video of the making here.


Some people treat their skin as a creative canvas, covering themselves in hundreds of tattoos, which often can’t be seen until they are undressed; allowing them to have a ‘responsible’ aesthetic by day and a creative, more extreme one by night. See the impressive range of photographs by Alan Powdrill of tattooed people with and without clothes here.

It’s What’s inside

DuPont’s campaign highlights what goes into their foods, in order to reduce food waste, extend shelf life and minimize pathogens found in foods. The intricate, detailed models positioned inside DuPont’s foods by Ogilvy & Mather and Ars Thanea are a great way of bringing this to life. See the full range of posters here.

Emoji Interactive Video

Carly Rae Jepsen’s video for Run Away With Me allows watchers to partially direct the video, by selecting emojis flashed up on screen that affect the outcome of the video. For instance, when asked ‘where in the world are you today?’, viewers can choose between Tokyo, New York and Paris, and Jepsen will end up there. Have a play and watch the video here.