04.12.15 - That's Interesting

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First aid for the mind and the heart

How emotional is it to shop by mood and celebrate the complexity of the human mind? The Department Store for the Mind is taking this unique, emotional retail experience one step further with a pop-up store to complement its online presence. Putting the emotional needs of consumers in the spotlight, as a driver for design, it hands out a ticket for a journey full of feelings, empathy and inspiration. Find out more here.

Electrik nights by Absolut

Continuing a long-standing tradition of highly creative and artistic bottles, Absolut vodka surprises with this year’s global limited edition vodka. Absolut is embracing a more minimalistic yet powerful and stylish design. Inspired by electricity, in Electrik cobalt blue, or striking silver, the Absolut bottles are taking the “quiet branding” approach to make a strong impact with less, aiming to transform our nights. Have a look here

Mindful tech hoodie 

Technology comes at mindfulness’ service with the Baker-Miller Pink Hoodie designed to relax the user before and after a workout. It is designed to help you breath slower, to naturally lower heart rate, to slow and regulate your brainwaves with relaxing music and to help you focus on stomach breathing. An alternative path to mindfulness and to putting your self at ease with the aid of technology and a more contemporary way of the good old “relax and take a deep breath”. Find out more here

Gourmet garbage not going wastED

How would you feel being served garbage? Well, NYC’s Blue Hill restaurant, wastED is doing exactly that. With a responsible attitude towards food waste and scarcity of resources, wastED aims to change our mindset towards food waste. Ingredients, such as leftover pasta trimmings, stale breadcrumbs, or bruised beets that would otherwise end up being composted, are being repurposed into delicious plates to die for. Eating garbage doesn’t seem so bad now? Have a look here