11.12.15 - That's Interesting

Category: That's Interesting

Customisable fashion on the go

Swiftwear sneakers take personalisation a level up. The shoes come with an e-inked display for showing artwork and animations. The users can use an app to change the design on the go. Having the option to visually transform your shoes anytime according to your mood, well that’s an exciting new take on personal style. Have a look here

The Monster Project 

“Every child is an artist”, as Picasso once said, and one can only agree that there is nothing more exciting than kids’ creativity and imagination. Artists from all over the world bring kids’ drawings to life, by recreating them through their personal artistic lens. The Monster Project is aiming to help children recognise the power of their imagination, and the outcome of it is just stunning and very, very fun. Find out more here

Light up your beer

The tequila-flavored beer, Oculto comes with smart label technology and LED lights promising to light-up your nights. The packaging aims to highlight the social personality of the brand and add a playful layer with a geotargeted application that allows users to interact with the brand digitally. Have a look here

Museum of Feelings

Interactive installations are fuelled by the visitors’ feelings in the Museum of Feelings, a collaborative project between Glade and Radical Media. An exploration of expressing emotions that blend colour theory and data science, kaleidoscopic mirrors and motion-sensing mood lighting are merged with scents to trigger emotion. Find out more here