18.12.15 - That's Interesting

Category: That's Interesting

Slow Santa

The Future Laboratory has launched a winter installation featuring Christmas songs slowed to create a relaxing atmosphere. The songs are stretched into a 24-hour soundtrack that creates an ambient sound for the installation combined with the smell of fresh pine and the eerie glow of neon lights. Have a look here

Wi-Fi gone beautiful

Ugly and boring-looking routers belong to the past. Google’s router, OnHub has created a set of interchangeable shells with the help of artists and designers. The users can customise their routers with their own designs or with a range of ready-made artistic ideas that re-imagine the world of routers. Find out more here


Gin Sipping Experience

Sipsmith distillery is launching a subscription service for gin lovers that want to taste experimental gin flavors such as truffle gin, smoked venison gin or mince pie gin. The subscribers will have the chance to discover new flavours first and be a part of the tasting process. Find out more here

Target Wonderland

Target created a toy store for Christmas, which is a holiday playground of 16,000 sq ft. The store features ten spectacles that embrace the Christmas spirit and provide an enjoyable experience for the whole family. The store also merges physical with digital elements of retail to provide a unique but also convenient Christmas shopping experience. Find out more here