08.01.16 - That's Interesting

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Nascent “Homemade” gadgets 

Nascent is democratising design and empowers tech-savvy makers to create their own gadgets. Makers can select bits and pieces of a lego-like system of modules by using a software platform, which redefines the new DYI generation of gadgets. Find out more here

Etsy City Guides 

Etsy, the marketplace community, has made the online experience more physical with “City Guides” that allow shoppers to discover and visit local small designer stores. Now, it gives the opportunity to shoppers to virtually visit these stores all around the world no matter their location, giving them the opportunity of a phygital shopping experience wherever they are. Find out more here

Kodak Revival

Kodak is attempting to revive its former glory by posing the question: “Is film dead?”. Kodak in collaboration with Yves Béhar’s design studio Fuseproject have created the Kodak Super 8, a retro-looking camera, to inspire the filmmakers that are still fascinated by the nostalgic film-shooting processes. Have a look here

Partners in Grind

For this year resolutions, you are not alone. Partners in Grind is a matchmaking app that helps people with similar goals to get together and check each other progress in changing habits and living a better life, as according to experts, social accountability is key for forming habits. Find out more here