15.01.16 - That's Interesting

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Issey Miyake’s Baked Fabric

Issey Miyake’s latest womenswear collection is made of oven-baked fabrics. The fabric that reacts to heat comes with wavy lines where final dye is added in between before it is oven baked. The result is soft and flexible garments full of colour with a 3D effect of graceful movement. Have a look here

MoonWalker Shoes 

The Moonwalker shoes simulate the experience of walking on the moon by creating a repellent effect with magnets placed in the sole. The magnets create a force field that gives the wearer a feeling of light weighted walking and a sense of being free of gravity. Find out more here

Intuitive music 

Prizm is an intuitive music system that plays music according to the taste of the persons in the room, when connected to any speakers. It detects the people in the room, learns their preferences from their music accounts and creates the ideal playlist for them, bringing the best of the Internet of Things world. Find out more here

Light Sculpture installation

Spectra-3 is an immersive audio-visual light experience located at King’s Cross, London, as a part of the Lumiere London festival. The Spectra series are “physical-digital sculptures” that incorporate motor-control kinetic objects, reflective materials, light and reflections to engage the audience in their physical surrounding with the use of technology. Find out more here