22.01.16 - That's Interesting

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 Midnight shopping

Kenneth Cole’s new concept store in NY offers 24h physical access to its customers in an attempt to hybridise the phygital shopping experience. Customers can request access via text and enjoy the luxury of shopping in an almost empty store in the middle of the night. Have a look here

Call Brussels

In an attempt to overcome the visitors’ fear about terrorist attacks, Visit.brussels launched a project that enabled local passer-bys to talk with travellers about how safe the city is in real time. Phones were installed in popular destinations and the conversations were captured by live webcams to be turned into a touristic campaign for Brussels. Watch the video here

Clinical Confectionary

Oliphen created a product line of antioxidant chocolates based on the Mediterranean diet. The chocolate contains extracts of olives and grape seeds, natural antioxidants to stall and prevent cell damage. The branding highlights the clinical and scientific character of the product to allow us a guilt-free pleasure of healthy chocolate. Find out more here

Surreal virtual reality

Salvator Dali is known for bringing to life the world of dreams and subconscious with his paintings. The Dali Museum is celebrating his art with a VR experience that allows the viewers to submerse in his world by virtually walking around his paintings. Find out more here