Brand Detox


Ensuring good health is key to the life of any brand. Like people, brands sometimes need a little TLC.

Sometimes we need to revive the image of the brand when there's a dip in growth, detox its message for efficient communication and revitalise its emotional engagement with consumers.

As creators of brand journeys, we believe that a healthy brand is one that is constantly nurtured and challenged. 

Since January is the time for new starts, and new opportunities, Path designed and put together a finely crafted detox pack. 

Containing items to help revive, detox, revitalise, our packs will not only help get 2016 off to the right start for you, but also for your brand. If you'd like more information on our 'brand detox' packs, just get in touch with us.

Here's to a healthy year for you and your brand!