05.02.16 - That's Interesting

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Nendo, the Japanese design studio, experiments with textured chocolate once again by creating chocolate bars that create different taste sensations with each piece. The bars consist of 12 pieces with different geometrical patterns and come to 5 flavours; milk, bitter, white, strawberry and matcha. Find out more here

First Aid Alcohol

First Aid Box, the London cocktail bar, serves drinks that follow the modern health eating movement with cocktail recipes that are healthy and nutritious, embracing the trend of responsible drinking even though they contain alcohol. Matcha and pistachio gin cocktail sounds too good to pass. Have a look here

Mood inspired beer

After analysing the social media messages that were sent in New Year’s Eve, Havas Helia agency has created a beer inspired by the mood of partygoers. Emotions as love, optimism and excitement were translated into 2,800 recipes to result is one beer recipe that encloses the most popular emotion-ingredients of the first night of the year. Have a look here

Sustainable wear

Swedish ShareWear is a collection of clothes that everyone can borrow. As a way to fight wastefulness in fashion, ShareWear allows instagram users to choose, tag and borrow their favourite items every once in a while and then share them forward. One of the most sustainable ways of being stylish. Find out more here