12.02.16 - That's Interesting

Category: That's Interesting

The Face of the City

Benetton’s latest campaign uses city data to create female portraits of the world’s fashion capitals. The campaign embraces diversity and multi-cultural fashion and represents the trend of interconnected cultures, by blending ethnicities and demographics to create virtual models. Have a look here

Airbnb’s Bedroom in Arles

The Art Institute of Chicago collaborated with Airbnb to replicate Van Gogh’s painting “Bedroom in Arles”. The room resembles the painting furnishings, colours and painting strokes to create a three dimensional interactive experience, that Airbnb fans can immerse themselves into for only $10 per night. Find out more here 

Beauty tech

L'Oréal, taps into the technology sector by creating a personalised UV protection wearable patch device that might be the future of sunscreens. The sticker measures UV exposure and connects with the user’s smartphone to notify them to wear sunscreen. The future of skin care has arrived. Have a look here

Transparent chocolate

Being as transparent as possible, Chocolatier Harper Macaw is trying to balance the production of its chocolates and the deforestation caused by cacao farming. By using the cost of each chocolate to fund the restoration of the Atlantic rainforest, the Chocolatier is re-investing in the expansion of the protected reserves. Find out more here