19.02.16 - That's Interesting

Category: That's Interesting

Nature’s app

Sometimes we are so consumed by our fast pace of lives that we forget to observe the beauty of this world. 72 seasons is a modern Japanese digital calendar created to remind us to notice the subtle changes of the natural world and offers content based on the ancient Japanese culture. Have a look here


Experimenting with chocolate? Well, nothing could go wrong with that… Nendo’s new chocolate project is a box with chocolate flasks and test cubes with different flavours and textures that can be combined for customised chocolate. The “cherry on top”? The lids of the flasks are made of white chocolate. Have a look here

Delicious waste 

A special-edition yogurt made with left-over fruit and veg was launched from Yeo Valley in an attempt to commercialise waste. A sustainable approach that tackles the issue of wasted food by using fruit and vegetables that would usually be cast aside due to imperfections. Find out more here

Pharmaceutical dining

The controversial and provocative British artist, Damien Hirst, is opening again his own restaurant in London, inspired by the same clinical theme as his 1992 installation “Pharmacy”. The restaurant, designed by the artist itself is called Pharmacy 2 and will exhibit some of Hirst’s site-specific works. Find out more here