26.02.16 - That's Interesting


Alphabet of illiteracy

FCB Inferno created a campaign to promote Project Literacy, an international project for raising public awareness about illiteracy. The campaign features 26 animated sculptures, each representing world problems, like infant mortality and gender inequality, which are caused or are deteriorating because of illiteracy. Watch the video here

Mindful dining

Tiny Leaf restaurant in London, is the first zero waste organic vegetarian restaurant and reflects need for ethical consumption that is no longer a niche consumer concern. The restaurant works with unsold produce supplies to create its unpredictable menu and offer a “mindful food and drinks experience”.  Find out more here 

Roaming museum

The Design Museum Dharavi in Mumbai is showcasing the work of a district’s residents and highlights the borderless lifestyle of its featured designers. The museum, harnessing creativity from informal communities, will showcase crafted products like ceramic and leather goods and will move every week. Have a look here

Pop-up plant store

Persephone is an immersive pop up plant store, merging avant-garde art with retail and nature. Plants and sculptures were available for purchase in an environment inspired mysticism adding to the space a dramatic and mysterious vibe. Find out more here