11.03.16 - That's Interesting

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Freezing time

Timeless is a fictional brand about egg-freezing that aims to sensitise the audience about the social and biological issues of reproduction procedures. The project includes beautifully branded products like perfumes and age-defying serums ironically named as “Mr Wrong”, “Eau so Pressured” or “Working 9 till 9”. Watch the short film here 

Bookstore of Serendipity 

Libreria by East London’s Second Home is a bookstore concept that redefines serendipity in the world of book shopping in an amazon era of personalised book recommendations. The store organises titles around unusual themes instead of genres to reinvent the experience of book exploration. Find out more here 

The Taste of Scent

Kile Enna created a series of handcrafted edible perfumes made from extracts, herbs and seeds. With an emphasis on provenance and traceability of ingredients, the Danish chef designed the perfumes to be consumed as natural cocktails blended with still or spring water or just simply to be breathed in. Have a look here

Vitamin C for Vitamin Coffee

AlphaMind has launched a coffee blend with vitamins, iron and potassium taking the daily coffee intake to a new level. The brand is repositioning far from being a “guilty” pleasure into a different space of healthy nutrition. A lot of caffeine addicts will be thrilled with that coffee vitamin twist. Have a look here

Transparent Perfumery

Joya Studio in New York organises tours, workshops and masterclasses inviting the consumers in the inner world the perfumery. The brand opens a door to the secluded world of perfume-making to feed the consumers’ curiosity and desire for transparency. Find out more here