24.03.16 - That's Interesting

Category: That's Interesting

Gourmet Cannabis

Madame Munchies is an award-winning brand of high-end artisanal marijuana macarons that sets the bar high for the new category of cannabis-infused foods. Cannabis is now being repositioned as an ingredient that moves from an era of stigma into a new cannabis perception that belongs to a category of premium and innovative products. Find out more here

Intergalactic edible emotions

The Intergalactic travel agency is a non-profit organisation that found an interesting way to fund a writing school for children. They sell fake products; with packaging design that draws power from a very witty tone of voice. The design is inspired by retro futurism and space combined with clever and humorous writing that sparks imagination. Have a look here

Fitness-friendly Pepsi 

In an attempt to get closer to an audience with a fitness lifestyle, Pepsi launched the Pepsi Light Dumbbell in Brazil, with the bottle packaging resembling a dumbbell to communicate the brand as a lighter and healthier option. With the debate of sugar tax on the rise is it a matter of time before we see more attempts of beverages brands to adopt a health-friendly look and feel? Have a look here

Air-purifying coffee cart

Wheelys is a coffee start-up with mobile sustainable cafes that instead of polluting the air, they clean it with embedded air purifiers. Using solar panels and windmills, Wheelys may not be very effective in big cities for now, but they have very ambitious plans to make a difference in the future. Or even inspire other same-minded ventures. Find out more here