01.04.16 - That's Interesting - Special Edition


Scented collection

From scented retail spaces, fashion brands are entering into an era of brand-scented clothing. Astio, a fashion brand recently launched a collection of scented items with the brand’s distinct woody notes. The garments will adapt to the natural scent of the wearer but retain the unique branded scent that is refreshed with every washing due to a water-sensitive technology. Find out more here

Leading Cocktails

Peppermint is a cocktail bar in New York that features the favourite alcoholic creations of its customers, which are then featured in a leaderboard according to their popularity. The rest of the customers can choose between honey balsamic vodka, coffee martini or black peppermint gin among others or just make their own mark onto the leaderboard of fame. Have a look here

Regenerating life on ashes

Bios Incube is a plantable, biodegradable urn that holds a loved one’s remains. Designed with sensors, it tracks the conditions to enable the plant placed inside to grow. The urn is connected to an app for the user to monitor the progress of the plant and create life over the loss of a loved one enabling them to deal with a loss in a different way. Find out more here

Amplified Dining

Silencio is a restaurant in Madrid promising to redefine the dining experience through the stimulation of ASMR, a pleasurable sensation triggered by amplified sounds. In a completely silent environment the customers can only hear the amplified sounds of their bites, bread crumps, chewing, swallowing which enables them to get fully immersed on the taste sensations. Find out more here