08.04.16 - That's Interesting


Bacterial skincare 

Gallinée is a skincare brand that makes the most out of the natural bacteria on human skin rather than fighting them. The products nurture the bacteria on the skin surface without disrupting the skin’s natural pH balance indicating an area of natural skincare innovation. Find out more here

Brand-led retreats

Free People, the bohemian fashion brand launched five unique retreat adventures for its consumers to Peru, California and Spain. Highlighting the brand’s ethos, the retreats combine activities that focus on wellness, healthy eating and exploring the local culture, that truly immerse the consumers to the brand through travelling experiences. Have a look here

Boosting coffee bites

Go Cubes, by Nootrobox, are chewable coffee cubes that promise to have a cognitive enhancement and mental alertness effect. The cubes are made from cold-brew coffee, with their texture reminding that of a jelly sweet, and containing caffeine combined with calming ingredients for a balanced alertness. Have a look here

Unpack travel kit

The Unpack is a start-up that aims to offer convenience to the modern time-poor traveller with a service providing a curated suitcase of clothing and toiletries delivered to their destination. Travellers can choose their items or just go for the basics, having to pack less in their suitcase, or even nothing at all, for a carefree travelling. Find out more here