22.04.16 - That's Interesting


Afternoon beer

The Modern Pantry, a London restaurant, is merging afternoon tea rituals with beer. The restaurant’s menu is pairing eastern sweet and savoury fusion bites such as gochugaru & spring onion scones, umeboshi mayonnaise and fennel kimchee with craft beer and specialty teas to redefine the afternoon tea experience. Yum… Have a look here

Alternative milk

Ripple is a plant-based alternative milk made from yellow peas, to address unsustainable farming practices. This dairy-free milk is high on protein, comes in four flavours and contains 90% less water and a 93% smaller carbon footprint than dairy milk. Find out more here.

Transparency live

Waitrose is about to launch a campaign that focuses of the provenance and traceability of its produce, and will feature not only TV ads but also a live feed from its farms. A cow with a GoPro camera will provide footage from the farm giving the consumers a closer look behind the product, highlighting the transparency of the brand. For more information, have a look here.

Sommelier dispenser

Synek, a US start-up is crowdfunding a connected wine dispenser that can learn enough about your tastes to become your personal sommelier. The counter top dispenser is connected with Somm, the app, that adjusts the wine temperature and aeration but also builds the user’s taste profile to offer recommendations based on their purchase history, provided info and ratings. Cheers! Find out more here.