29.04.16 - That's Interesting


Youth Spirit

Anti-Agin is a new gin that is named after the promise it makes; to help you look younger, as it has anti-ageing properties. Distilled with collagen and age-defying botanicals to prevent wrinkles, Anti-Agin Gin follows the movement of food and drinks with a twist of added healthy ingredients for wellness. Have a look here

Easy Beauty


Allies of Skin, a skincare brand created for time-poor consumers, aims to accommodate the need for increasingly simplified beauty rituals. The multi-purpose product line, named 24/7, consists of no more that three products in total. These products carry properties which are adaptable to different needs, through use of various active ingredients. Find out more here

Boozy Jam

Danish brand Orkla Foods has launched a product range of fruit spreads, infused with alcohol, looking to target a seemingly male consumer baseThe design stands out by being simple, distinct and powerful. In a play on the alcoholic connotations of their ingredients; each jam shows the percentage fruit per recipe, creating a strong brand identity and character.

Have a look here

Interactive Identity

Wolff Olins and Onformative have created a refreshed identity for Oi, a Brazilian telecoms company, that animates through audio input by consumer interaction. This allows the brand mark to respond to customers voices or sounds online and in stores, which creates an interaction unique for each consumer that leads to a more personal connection with the brand. See the video here

Coming soon...

Next week we'll be releasing the latest edition of our future thinking piece, Map. This time, we'll be unpacking the emerging trends in the beauty category, including male cosmetics and fine fragrances, and looking at the drivers that are creating change in these markets. Click here to sign up and receive your free copy!