06.05.16 - That's Interesting


Gorgeous centennial

Bo Gilbert is a 100 year-old woman chosen to be featured in June’s Vogue 100th issue for the Harvey Nichols campaign. A casting agent discovered Bo, who never goes out without heels and make up. She is definitely making history being the oldest model ever featured in the fashion magazine and a clear and loud point is being made; Style, elegance and true beauty are timeless. Find out more here

Smart band

Link has come to eliminate the dilemma of choosing to be loyal to our analogue watches or upgrade to a smart watch. Link is a luxury watch accessory that attaches to a traditional watch to combine the best of two worlds, keeping your favourite watches and just making them smarter! Have a look here

Summer wine

Hoxie Spritzer cans are transforming wine into a more refreshing and laid-back drink perfect for summer. The spritzer is a mix of natural ingredients and native grapes that comes in two uplifting flavours. The product's portable packaging format is very convenient for a sunny day at the park or the beach. Summer mode on! Have a look here

Charging plant

A plant pot can be a smartphone-charging device. Hard to believe, right? Bioo is a company that managed to make this reality by hacking into the natural process of photosynthesis with nanotechnology to create an alternative source of energy tapping into an area of sustainable and renewable energy. Watch the video and find out how it works here