13.05.16 - That's Interesting


Jumping fish

Mila, a Polish grocery brand, found a surprising way to communicate the freshness of its fish products. The packaging rattles to mimic the movement of a recently caught fish, when sensing consumers’ approach, by using Wi-Fi and a proximity sensor in the box that starts jumping. Definitely surprisingly fresh! Watch the video here

Spiced up yogurt

The Chaat CO created a series of savoury yogurt snacks inspired by Indian and South Asian street food. The vibrant flavours range from mango chilli to cucumber mint with additional crispy toppings and packaged in equally vibrant and colourful pots. Merging tradition with healthy living into surprising taste sensations. Let’s spice it up! Have a look here

Patriotic beer

Budweiser found a bold way to be very patriotic this summer. In an attempt to be more American than ever due to the US election and Olympics, Budweiser changed its name on can to “America”, with all the rest of design elements remaining the same, to preserve recognisability on shelf. This summer the iconic beer brings “America in your hands”!  Read more here

Shopping made simple

STÓR is a clothing subscription box made for environmentally conscious men, who want more convenient shopping. The subscribers receive menswear items, such as underwear, socks and T-shirts from natural material on a monthly basis. The service is responding to the need of today’s time-conscious consumer for a hassle-free way of life. Shopping made simple! Have a look here