20.05.16 - That's interesting


Optimism in a Can

An optimistic campaign for Campbell was the way to revive the beloved brand in Malaysia and reconnect with consumers by appealing to their emotion. By using the iconic Campbell can as a canvas and a remedy for “lonely nights” or “rainy days”, Y&R created messages of positivity and hope to be spread across through an extensive campaign. Watch the video here

Cardboard House

Amsterdam collective Fiction Factory has built a modular house made from sustainable cardboard. The collective developed the material after four years of research, which can be used to construct a house on site in less than a day. The material has been appropriately coated with waterproof and breathable film, and may well revolutionise sustainable housing solutions in the future. Find out more here

Fast food prescription

Fast Food Aid is a concept store that aims to raise awareness on the negative effects of fast food, as part of a marketing campaign to promote the organic fast food restaurant Dohtonbori. In exchange for a receipt from any fast food restaurant in Tokyo, the store offers free custom-made vitamin prescriptions to each customer depending on the lack of nutrients of their meal. With a pizza being equal to 24 tablets! Find out more here

The Google Butler

Google introduced a voice-activated product that promises to help users manage everyday tasks at home. Google Home is designed with the mindset to fit every room, can play your favourite music and answer your questions. As Google holds so much data on its users, becoming our very own butler seems an inevitable next step. If there weren’t any concerns on privacy, that is. Find out more here