27.05.16 - That's interesting


The Hungerithm 

Snickers launched a campaign in Australia that ties the brand’s tagline “You are not you when you’re hungry” with an algorithm that tracks how angry the Internet is. The algorithm measures the mood of social media users and the angrier they get, the cheaper a Snickers costs. This brand initiative is engaging consumers taking into account the mood of the collective, making a great use of public data and social media. Hangry anyone? Watch the video here

The Workbooth in Red

Pop Works is a new mobile shared workspace service that plans to turn the iconic red London phone booths into on-the-go offices. With a monthly fee, members can use any of the available phone booth pods of the network any time of the day or night and get access to a printer, a scanner, a screen and even a hot drinks machine. A smart mobile workspace model for the digital nomads in iconic red. Have a look here

Mad rush fashion

The Mad Rush is a different concept store in Amsterdam, part of the Cleans Clothes Campaign, aiming to educate consumers on the working conditions behind cheap fashion. On a first impression it looks like a stylish clothing store, but when the customers ask to use the changing rooms they find themselves in a sweatshop that mimics the dangerous working conditions of cheap fashion production. Find out more here

Airbnb for the Young at Heart

The Freebird Club is a hospitality platform that brings together seniors with available rooms and seniors that want to travel. The service, exclusively for members over 50, is not just a sharing economy start-up, but more of a social innovation initiative that is fighting the loneliness and isolation of a fast growing demographic. Definitely an inspiring idea promoting companionship for the more senior youth! Find out more here

Map Webinar: Reinventing Beauty

Beauty has become a challenging, and even a controversial, topic of the last few years – as conventions of age, gender and sexuality crumble, what defines ‘beauty’ has changed for consumers.

Join us on the 1st June as we look to unpack the consequences of this trendThe webinar's content is based on the latest issue of Map: Reinventing Beauty - you can subscribe to future reports here.