Food and Drink Expo 2016


In April, we attended the Food and Drink Expo in Birmingham to have a taste of the key emerging trends and up and coming brand. But above all, we have to admit that it was a delicious way to spend the day exploring tastes, smells and emerging brands.

We have managed to identify trends from this year’s exhibition that give you a taste of the key themes. Wellness, naturalness and healthy nutrition are still the key drivers of many innovations in the food and drinks industry, but consumers are looking for more choice, innovation and taste sensation.


Miraculous water

Consumers have realised how vital water is for health and well-being, and brands have been exploring ways to position water as a healthy replacement for soft drinks – particularly with the upcoming ‘sugar-tax’. The last few years has seen coconut water as the top choice for wellbeing and fitness, with consumers believing strongly in its healthy properties. Now we see other types of water, such as maple, cactus and birch water, to gain momentum in as a wellness choice. In this years exhibition we have seen a lot of brand offerings that add something extra to water to position it either as a healthy choice or as a soft drink.

Just Bee is water with a drop of honey that comes in three different flavours of blueberry, lemon and green tee and apple and ginger. This flavoured water is a natural antioxidant and low in calories and it is can be a healthy option of a soft drink.

Rejuvenation Water is spring water enriched with amino acids, low in natural sugar with properties to aid the immune system and to help against stress and anxiety. 

Hey Like Wow is a vitamin water that forms a healthy alternative to energy drinks as it is free of sugar and preservatives. 

Nim’s Fruit Crisps has created a product line of healthy snack of air-dried fruit and vegetables that are crispy enough to be a healthier alternative to crisps, bringing all the goodness in an on-the-go format. We did try all the flavours and we felt no guilt whatsoever!

Get Fruity is an interesting brand that combines the naturalness of fruit with wholegrain gluten-free oats and virgin coconut oil to create naturally sweetened and moist fruit bars in 6 different flavours.




A snack brand that we really loved was Cradoc’s Savoury Biscuits. Cradoc’s combines passion with storytelling, as Allie, the heart behind the brand, with her daughter has built a beautiful narrative and has designed the illustrations herself. The biscuits come into beautiful and ownable packaging design that bursts with personality.


Holy Lama Spice Drops is brand that offers natural extract from spices in a liquid form, whose flavour is more intense than traditional spices. 

Quarterpast is a brand with flavour syrups for coffee and chai, but also fruit liquid tea concentrates, with flavours ranging from salted caramel to orange and lemongrass. We found the bottle really unique and premium with a very elegant design, which elevates the overall experience of the brand.


If you would like to know more about the exhibition, our insights and the trends on show - and how it can be relevant to your brand - feel free to contact Thomas Herman.